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Digital Presence for Dental Clinic-Not A luxury anymore!




In today’s digital world it is absolutely essential to give your business an online presence.

The Internet never sleeps, and every online portal you use, offers your practice a virtual 24-hour showroom. This allows potential patients to research your dental clinic or service after business hours, and in the privacy of their own home at their own convenience. In this electronic era, most people search for dental clinics online and services they need, as opposed to searching through a phone directory. Ignoring this important potential marketing platform is as good as saying, "I don't need any new business."  People are constantly searching the internet for health related information and today’s dental health and needs are one of the top searches in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities in India.

What is the most common search with respect to dental needs?

Primarily people search for the best dentist in Bangalore and around their locality. Their next requirement would be the qualification and expertise of the dentist. As regards the clinic, people would ideally want to know the timings, the panel of consultants, the hygiene factor in the premises and more importantly feedback or reviews of the dentist and their practice.


How much of this is visible to your potential patients? 

It is virtually impossible to display all details on your clinic board or spread information through word of mouth. How many people would actually cross by your clinic and look up at your boards and get details? It is practically impossible for the public to get any details about the dental clinic after business hours.  So the only practical solution here is to have an online presence and showcase your clinic and practice with pictures and reviews so it is accessible to the patients searching for dentists in Bangalore at all times.


What are the benefits of having an online presence?

  • You can showcase your practice and your clinic details.
  • You can post images and videos of your clinic.
  • People can look into your details at all times and need not wait for your business hours to get this information from your front desk.
  • Patients can schedule the appointment with the dentists without any hassle even after the working hour.
  • Reviews about your clinic help potential patients become regular patients thus increasing your customer base.
  • Last but not the least; sometimes you can have the benefit of online appointments which is beneficial to you as well as your patient.

The establishment of your authority as the best dentist in your locality or specialization lies completely in your own hands. This can be made possible by having your dental clinic registered online and giving yourself and your practice the benefit of web presence.  Which in turn enable you to a flourishing practice with an increasing flow of patients.  This should be the ultimate goal and dream of any practicing dental surgeon.