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?Preserves aesthetics of the tooth. ?Respects anatomy of the tooth. ?Minimized tooth fracture risks. ?Fast luting. ?Excellent biocompatibility. BENEFITS Preserves THE aesthetics of the tooth: As redix fiber post has a resin and glass fiber matrix which transmits the light, it reflects the colour shades of the tooth and eliminated shadows on the restoration for the better quality results. Respects the anatomy of the tooth: Due to the cylindrical-conical shape of radix fiber post, you have less dentine substances to remove which means a restoration more resistance. Because we propose them in a comprehensive size assortment, Radix fiber post can be used for any tooth. Fast and efficient sealing procedure: A Radix Fiber Post are light conducting, you can use them with light-curing or dual curing sealing and coronal reconstruction materials, which guarantees better control of setting times of both the sealing and reconstruction material.

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