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EASY TO USE- Filling was never so easy!?Plus and minus button for general navigation. ?Setting can be adapted individually. ?Clear display and controls. ?2 presents allow preferred settings to be saved. ?Easy to clean and maintain. CONVINENCE AND CONTROL- Devices designed for your comfort ?Intuitive use and handling. ?Ergonomically designed handpieces with a large operation angle. ?Feather- touches activation by flexible silicone ring. ?Root canal entrance is clearly visible thanks to slim handpieces. ?Visual and audible signals for operation and safety on the handpiece. ?Window on handpiece shows content of gutta- percha cartridge. FAST AND RELIABLE ? Lateral and vertical obturation? Better results with calamus ?Vertical condensation is a faster method to achieve a long lasting, tightly sealed, three dimensional root canal filling. ?Reliable obturation of lateral canals. ?Minimal risk of root fractures. ?Gutta- percha filling to desired level for placement of a fiber post.

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