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To dentists who prefer a fast and convenient one-bottle bonding, Xeno V is the brand of self-etching adhesives which provides superior bond strength without mixing and cool storage because of the patented monomer technology that combines ease of use with high performance. ?High bonding Performance in One Bottle equally high bond strength on dentine & enamelwith a high percentage of hermatically sealed margins. ?maximum convenience Xeno V is a one-component self-etching adhesive (no mixing of components required) ?New solvent tertiary-butanol (allows for 30 minutes storage time in a closed CliXdish) ?Semi-transparent soft bottle (allows for easy identification of the liquid level and exact dispensing) ? No cold storage = Chairside storage Most one-bottle adhesives need refrigeration to maintain integrity. Xeno V features new monomer chemistry which is resistant to adhesive breakdown at room temperature. Put Xeno V where you need it: right next to your dental chair (and not in the fridge).

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