Endodontic Handpieces

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Endodontic Handpieces

ISO E-Type External Water Spray


The speed of all Endodontic low speed handpieces is determined by the speed of the micromotor to which they are connected. Micromotors can vary in speed ranges. Micromotor speed should be confirmed before selecting a reduction handpiece.



Product Features

-Clean Head System (NRS2-ER10, NRS2-ER10M)
-Autoclavable at 135
?? max
-MP-ER64M, MPA-ER64M, MPAS-ER64M, NRS2-ER10M, TEP-ER10M, and
EX-ENDO 128 can be washed in the thermodisinfector.
-Exceptionally small head (EX-ENDO 128)

Diagnostic Instruments

Preventive Dentistry

Esthetic dentistry


X ray system