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Today, three-dimensional imaging is offering the field of dentistry previously undreamed-of diagnostic and therapeutic options in the fields of surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, and restorative dentistry. GALILEOS was created to bring these options to life and integrate them efficiently into routine dental practices. An imaging system comprising reliable hardware and software components, GALILEOS was developed for the practice ? the tailor-made answer to your dental issues.

Follow us into the third dimension and see for yourself the exceptional technical, diagnostic, and therapeutic advantages of GALILEOS.


?    The very large image volume (15 x 15 x 15) cm3, with a resolution of up to 0.150 mm, projects not only the entire craniofacial region but also the finest anatomical details.
?    The user-friendly software tailored for dental problem-solving will win you over through its intuitive integration of diagnosis, computer-aided therapy planning, and precise intraoperative implementation.
?    The sophisticated hardware is based on the proven Sirona XG platform and dose-efficient image intensifier technology.
?    Excellent image quality permits diagnosis of the finest details in three dimensions, with the lowest possible radiation dose among products available internationally.
?    The design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also especially saving on space.


?    Superior diagnostics with GALILEOS and GALAXIS
?    Efficient processes - With high diagnostic reliability
?    Implantological treatment using GALILEOS surgical templates
?    Unique 3D diagnostics


?    Data processing, workflow, and system solutions 
?    ConeBeam technology in the dental practice

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