Kodak 8000

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Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric System Powerfully Simple, Surprisingly Affordable The epitome of simplicity, the new and improved version of the KODAK 8000 System delivers clear, optimally exposed panoramic images in seconds. Providing immediate access to your extraoral images, the system lets you make accurate diagnoses on the spot, so you can easily communicate treatment options to your patients. Recommended for standard dental exams, implant evaluations and oral surgeries such as extraction plannings, crown-to-root evaluations and TMJ evaluations. New and improved: ? Enhanced image quality ? Ethernet connection for easier installation Learn More about Panoramic Imaging Streamline your routine. Use the KODAK 8000C System to quickly capture crystal-clear cephalometric and panoramic images. Thanks to our innovative "one-shot" technology, you can now generate images in just over a second?reducing the risk of blurred images and improving your patients' comfort. Recommended for orthodontic and oral surgeries such as extractions, soft tissue evaluations and caries detection. ? New cephalometric module design

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