VC Surgical Suction Unit

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The new surgical suction unit VC 45, which is able to meet all the surgical requirements, with its suction volume of 45 litres per minute at a consistently high vacuum of up to 910 mbar.

  • Ergonomic handle handpiece for surgical suction
  • Noise insulation for the membrane pump
  • Flexible and light table model VC 45, fully mobile on the VC Cart
  • Perfectly hygienic collection of secretions, directly into the tank via the filter
  • Powerful D?rr depth filter in the tank lid for up to 4 hours of uninterrupted of surgical operation
  • Disinfection of the surgical suction system with Orotol Plus, sucked off from the D?rr OroCup
  • Sterilisable secretion tank and disinfectable device surfaces

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