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Ti-Max EL400

An Easy and Quick Upgrade Path to Powerful Electric Micromotor

NSK?s EL400 optic micromotor brings you major advantages over air turbine: more powerful torque and cutting performance that help you work more efficiently. Further, broader speed range (100 ? 200,000min-1) and flexibility in speed control satisfies variety of clinical needs from restorative to endodontics. Its lightweight solid titanium body offers exceptionally well-balanced and tactile gripping, particularly when used with a contra-angle attachment. With an Electric Micromotor Portable System, your air turbine can be easily and quickly upgraded to a powerful electric motor, simply by plugging the turbine tube to the portable system.


Product Features

-Higher and constant torque helps you to work more efficiently
-Compact and lightweight Micromotor
-Broader speed range from 100 to200,000 min
-Smoother and quieter operation, both patient and clinician friendly
-Lower heat generation with NSK?s power-saver design
-Solid titanium body for ideal balance and tactile grip

Diagnostic Instruments

Preventive Dentistry

Esthetic dentistry


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