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3M is fundamentally a science-based company. We produce thousands of imaginative products, and we're a leader in scores of markets - from health care and highway safety to office products and abrasives and adhesives. Our success begins with our ability to apply our technologies - often in combination - to an endless array of real-world customer needs. Of course, all of this is made possible by the people of 3M and their singular commitment to make life easier and better for people around the world.

Our Values
 ?Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do.
?Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.
?Provide our investors an attractive return through sustainable, global growth.
?Respect our social and physical environment around the world.
 ?Value and develop our employees' diverse talents, initiative and leadership.
 ?Earn the admiration of all those associated with 3M worldwide.
3M  in India corporate office
3M India Limited
 Concorde Block, UB City, 
24, Vittal Mallya Road,
 Bangalore - 560001
 Tel No :             +91-80-22231414       / 66595759
 Fax No : +91-80-22231450 

3M in India innovation labs

3M India Limited
 Plot No. 48-51, Electronics City,
 Hosur Road,
 Bangalore - 560100
 Tel No : +91-80-2852 0203/ 6659 5999
 Fax No : +91-80-2852 0157 

Protemp? 4 Temporisation Material ? The innovative advancement of a successful product.

With Protemp? 4 Temporisation Material 3M ESPE has set another milestone in temporary crown and bridge materials. 3M ESPE has applied its expertise in nanotechnology to create the first bis-acrylic composite with a new generation of sophisticated fillers. The result is unparalleled achievements in strength, handling and aesthetics. 

Product benefits
 ? Reliably tough temporaries due to highest fracture resistance and better abrasion stability ? also suitable for long-term temporisation. 
? Patient-pleasing aesthetics and a comfortable fit through a smooth surface, natural shine and fluorescence, high colour stability. Easy plaque removal to support gingival health. 
? Easier and faster handling and fabrication due to the reduced smear layer and gloss without polishing or glazing. 

 ? Crowns
 ? Bridges
 ? Inlays and onlays
 ? Veneers
 ? Long-term temporaries

Diagnostic Instruments

Preventive Dentistry

Esthetic dentistry


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