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How to choose the right Toothpaste for you and your family?


We all have learnt and taught our kids about good habits. We begin our day with brushing our teeth. Well, is it just brushing or proper brushing we should be concerned about? Now it is a big confusion. So many branded toothbrushes and toothpastes are available. Over and above, there are medicated toothpastes as well. The question is which one is suitable for me and for my family? India Dental World helps you to know more about the importance of toothpastes and its different types.

Let us take a dive to know about toothpastes.


Toothpastes are available in gel, paste and powder form. Choosing one, is based on your personal preference.

Any branded toothpaste has generally the following components.

  1. Abrasives to remove stains

  2. Flavouring agents to make the paste palatable

  3. Humectants for moisture retention

  4. Detergents, preservatives and other ingredients In minor quantities.

This kind of toothpaste is efficient enough to clean all teeth and to keep the mouth fresh for extended periods.

There are some medicated toothpastes available as well. These should be chosen based on the suggestion from a dental surgeon. Visit the nearest dental clinic today and take advice from your dentist.Below mentioned are some of the toothpastes which can be used for different types of dental problem:·   

Fluoridated toothpaste

Fluoride is a mineral which can reduce incidence of tooth cavities. It can also re-mineralise cavities in the early stages. Fluoride containing toothpastes are thus advised for people with increased risk of tooth cavities.

The catch is, fluoride when ingested in higher quantities can get deposited in bones and be deleterious to general health. Hence its use should be restricted to kids above 5 years and for adults who have control on their swallow reflex.

Tartar control toothpastes

Tartar is the hard deposit that gets collected over the surfaces of teeth. They harbour microorganisms are indicated for people who have higher tendency to develop deposits over their teeth which get hardened over time.

These toothpastes contain triclosan, chemical compounds like pyrophospahates and zinc citrate

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Sensitivity in teeth on consuming hot or cold food or beverages is a quite common problem. Toothpastes which reduce sensitivity contain potassium nitrate and other ingredients. Sensitivity in teeth is due to opening of channels in dentine of teeth with nerve fibres to variations in the mouth environment. Desensitising toothpastes block these channels and thus reduce pain or discomfort.

Teeth whitening toothpaste

These contain ingredients like hydrogen peroxide which lighten the tooth colour. Thus they make teeth look whiter and brighter. But they are not advisable in the long run as there is risk of enamel loss and tooth sensitivity.

Toothpaste for kids

They are milder in action, have little or no fluoride and contain various flavouring agents to make the paste more acceptable to kids.


It is not only what kind of toothbrush or paste you have chosen, but also the method of using them is what matters the most. Cultivate proper toothbrushing techniques, reduce snacks in between food, increase fluid intake, chewing sugar free gums all reward you with strong teeth for lifetime.