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What are the various specializations and specialists in dentistry?


Dental Specialists

It might be surprising for many to know that, there are several specializations and specialists in dentistry who cater to the needs of various kinds of dental ailments. 


The dental specialist who handles Root canal treatments, Peri-apical surgeries or surgical endodontics, tooth abscess, Post and core procedure, inlays, onlays and other  tooth pulp related issues.


An Orthodontist is a dental surgeon who deals with straightening crooked teeth, closing spaces between teeth with braces, directing the growth pattern of jaws with functional appliances, planning for surgeries and orthodontic procedures to correct jaw irregularities in children as well as in adults.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon

Dental surgeon who deals with minor and major surgical procedures of mouth and other facial structures; handles the procedures like teeth removal, impacted teeth removal, cyst removal, treating jaw fractures, treating fractures of jaws as well as facial bones, tissue excision, nerve repositioning procedures, orthognathic surgeries and various other surgical procedures.


A Prosthodontist is specialized in replacing missing teeth and related oral structures. He replaces missing teeth with denturesbridgesdental implants. They also help in reconstructing the artificial missing parts of the face as in missing ear or nose to camouflage the defect.


Periodontist takes care of gums, periodontium (the soft tissue shock absorber of the teeth very crucial for teeth stability and surrounding alveolar bone.

They handle gum surgeries like flap surgery, Periodontium regeneration procedures, bone remodelling surgeries to improve support to the teeth.


He is the dentist of children. He is specialised to treat all kinds of dental issues of children, provide preventive care and take care of growth pattern of teeth and jaws.

Oral Pathologist

He specializes in recognizing chronic and unresolved diseases of mouth and neck region, helps to check for the causes and to establish treatment plan.

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