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Healthy Smile-Healthy Body


Mouth is the first step in gaining adequate nutrition to the body. The food chewing mechanism itself comprises 30% of entire digestive process. It sets forth a chain of events which initiate sugar (carbohydrate) and fat digestion right in the mouth.


Saliva lubricates the food mass; along with teeth and tongue, converts food into soft paste that can easily move down the digestive system and which can be easily broken down by enzymes, and juices through the food pipe. Thus it assures proper absorption of required nutrients to the body.


Improper functioning of teeth, tongue and other oral tissues affects the critical part of this digestive process. In a result, the patient will experience the indigestion, flatulence, over eating, obesity, lack of adequate nutrients to the body, weakness.


In short proper functioning of tissues of mouth along with proper food chewing habits can help you absorb adequate nutrition to the body and keeps you healthy. Proper chewing will also send signals to the brain about the adequacy of food and avoids overeating and thus obesity.


Thus proper food chewing is essential for healthy body. But proper chewing of food definitely requires healthy and strong teeth. They also help you enjoy your food. So your teeth are the stepping stone for healthy body. Healthy mind resides in healthy body. Hence, healthy mouth is the key for your happiness.


Take good care of your teeth and they will not only take care of your appearance but also support you in having a healthy, happy long life. Every human being who is healthy and has healthy mind is a big asset to the country.


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