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Keep away Bad Breath. Get your loved ones nearer

Bad Breath - Do you know you have it?

Bad breath.. One of the most common people suffer with. Bad breath also called Halitosis could be one of the reasons people move away from you

Reasons for Halitosis are many...

  1. Poor oral hygiene – Microbes grow on food deposits and on tartar in mouth. Along with tooth cavity and gum diseases they also lead to bad breath. So Brushing twice a day, flossing, cleaning your tongue, teeth cleaning by a dentist are  few of the preventive or remedial measures

  2. Consumption of foods with strong odor – Onion, Garlic are few of the food components that have strong odor and can cause bad breath. Not just that, upon absorption into the bloodstream, reach lungs and the odor is expelled out from the breath. Thus these food ingredients lead to halitosis till they are thrown out of the body

  3. Sinusitis, cold and other respiratory diseases – There is accumulation of bacteria filled fluid in the sinus, nose which again leads to halitosis

  4. Dry Mouth – Saliva is the natural liquid that flushes out food debris from the mouth, in the absence of which growth of microbes goes unchecked and bad breath will be the result. Dry mouth is usually seen in salivary gland disorders, as side effects of certain medication or in people with mouth breathing habit

  5. Smoking is one of the most common reason for bad breath. It might as well induce dryness in mouth further complicating the problem

  6. Alcohol consumption – Alcohol induces mouth dryness and hence halitosis. Along with that, metabolized products of alcohol get released from lungs and adds up to the bad smell from breath

  7. Medical conditions – People suffering from gum disease, severe oral ulcers, acidity, Kidney failure, Diabetes may all show varied severity of bad breath


Prevention and Treatment of Bad Breath ( Halitosis)

  1. Good dental hygiene – Maintain your dentition clean. If required, approach a dental surgeon and get your teeth cleaned (Scaling Procedure). Get your decayed and infected teeth filled, gingivitis or periodontitis treated.

  2. Reduce or avoid intake of food with strong odor at least during important meetings, interactions

  3. Drink plenty of water, juices. They increase water and saliva circulation in your mouth and maintains fresh breath  

  4. Avoid alcohol, alcohol based mouthwash, smoking

  5. Get respiratory and gastritis issues addressed.

  6. In case of medicine induced bad breath, approach your physician and request for change in medication

  7. Non sugar gums improve saliva production and mask your bad breath

Follow all these tips and have fresh breath. Enjoy..