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Toothbrush-Selecting the right one for you and your family


“What is the right toothbrush for me?”-It is a common question that every dentist comes across from patients about the kind of toothbrush they should choose for themselves and their family.
Each individual is unique and there are no fixed rules for selecting a toothbrush. The basic guidelines that can be helpful in this matter are given below:
The factors that help in choosing your toothbrush are:
  1. Mode of Operation:

  There are basically two varieties of toothbrush available. They are manual which are operated manually and electrical which is battery operated. In India, manual toothbrushes are most commonly used. Electrical brushes are automatic and clean teeth by moving in a set pattern.

Preferences are individual based.


2. Based on size of mouth:

Tooth brush should be chosen based on the mouth size. Individuals with small stature or for children, brushes with smaller head is easier to handle. Toothbrush with Large heads can be quite uncomfortable for them, whereas these brushes might not clean all teeth in people with huge personality and big mouth.


3.Based on bristle flexibility and diameter of the toothbrush

Toothbrushes are available in various flexibilities and diameters. Hard bristles generally apply higher pressure over teeth and can wear out the top layers of teeth. So please avoid them.

Medium bristles are generally ideal for all as their teeth cleaning efficiency is above average.

Soft bristles are used in children and for people with sensitive teeth. These toothbrushes are also good in people who are aggressive brushers.

Ultra-soft bristles of a toothbrush are generally suggested following gum surgery and for infant teeth.


4. Based on the pattern of bristle arrangement

Wavy or Criss-cross bristle brushes reach difficult to reach areas of mouth and below the gum margins. Hence they might be chosen.

Some toothbrushes have polishing cups which help to clear stains from teeth surface. They can be your choice if you tend to develop stains on your teeth.


5. Length of the toothbrush

  Choose the toothbrush with handle that is long, flexible enough to reach backside teeth with slip prevention grip handle to prevent accidental slipping of the toothbrush from hand. 

You can look at various varieties of toothbrushes available in India along with description about each product at our oral products section and choose the right ones for your entire family. 

I guess the information is quite handy for everybody while choosing your toothbrush while shopping. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and enjoy healthy teeth.Further information can be gathered at Toothbrush Selection

In the next article you will get information on proper brushing technique, maintenance and replacement of the toothbrush