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Holiday Season is Here: 7 Oral Tips for a Healthy and Bright Smile

Holiday Season is Here: 7 Oral Tips for a Healthy and Bright Smile

by Dr Smitha Prasad on 2018-12-08

  The month of festivities and celebration is knocking at the door. With delicacies pouring in, our teeth and gums are subjected to the oral cavity and other dental problems. Moreover, improper sleep, intake of junk food, poor eating habits and reckless lifestyle during holidays take a toll on our overall health as well.   However, there are ways through which you can still enjoy your holiday without compromising your oral health. If proper care is not taken, you may have to rush to your Dentist in Jayanagar for immediate help. So follow these dental tips to protect your smile and maintain oral health:   Don’t Forget Your Daily Oral Care   Remember you are on holiday, not your teeth. The daily activities of life have to be followed even during the holiday season. So, don’t forget your daily oral care schedule. Make sure you brush and floss daily twice a day and wash your mouth after every food intake.   Avoid Hard and Chewy Food Items   Although its holiday and you can eat anything but doing so can be bad for your dental health. So, to stay safer, you must avoid eating chewy items that are sticky and harms your tooth enamel. Also, reduce eating hard food items like nuts, candy, etc. Especially sugary treats are not for your children’s teeth.   Say No to Colored Beverages   Drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, soda, aerated drinks etc. are known for staining teeth. And during holidays both adults and children tend to consume more of these items. As a result, it damages tooth color and reduces natural teeth brightness. So, drink more of clear water and milk instead.   Stop Consumption of Tobacco   Those who smoke or drink alcohol are more likely to damage their teeth during holidays. As their intake of tobacco filled items increases during celebrations. That is why Dentist in Bangalore or any other area always ask patients to quit smoking to get rid teeth stains.   Eat and Drink Healthy   Drink more water and try to eat a balanced diet to stay fit as a whole. Prevent your child from eating too many sweet items as it will cause teeth cavity. Eat veggies, fruits, and whole grains more.   Don’t Use Teeth as Opener   Often during celebrations, people turn teeth into tools. They use it for opening bottles, snack bags, and other packages. Doing so weakens tooth enamel and causes teeth cracks.   Go to Dentist for Post-holiday Cleaning and Check Up   No matter how many promises you make, there will be those moments when you will miss brushing and flossing during holidays. But, you can still compensate for the gap by visiting the nearest Dental Clinic in Bangalore for cleaning and check-up post the celebration. You can book dentist appointment at IndianDental World website right away!   It’s a Wrap!   It’s normal to go easy when you are on holiday. But even still you can take care of your oral health by keeping in mind these simple tips. After all, a healthy smile is what no one can compromise.
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention Tips

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention Tips

by Dr Sunitha Prasad on 2018-11-27

  Tooth decay in adults is a well-known fact. However, many parents are not aware that even babies too are subjected to tooth decay due to prolonged exposure to sugary liquid in the form of juice, milk, etc. As a result of their gums being exposed to sweetened liquid in the bottles especially during and before the sleep time, they are prone to cavities causing tooth decay.   You might be thinking that worrying about teeth problems of your infant is too early to start. But remember if you ignore it then it may lead to loss of the baby tooth. And especially during the growing years when the child learns to chew, eat, speak, the absence of teeth can hinder the process. So, it is always advised to take the dental issues of your baby seriously right from the start.   What Causes Tooth Decay in Babies?   There can be several reasons that cause tooth decay in infants. Mostly, the decay occurs in the upper front teeth, but it may also impact the other teeth as well. One of the primary reasons of decay is letting the baby sleep with a bottle filled with sugary liquids. Giving the child a sweet drink at night time or nap time is harmful as during that time flow of saliva decreases. Also, using pacifies dipped in sugary syrup is also a big no.   Moreover, the tooth decay may also take place when the cavity-causing bacteria are passed onto the infant from the mother. If the mother puts the feeding bottle or the spoon into her mouth for checking food temperature, saliva contact may transfer bacteria. Also, the lack of sufficient fluoride in infants may increase the chance of tooth decay.   However, tooth decay in infants is preventable if measures are taken on time. A dentist in Hyderabad or any other area can help you with professional guidance.   Symptoms of Tooth Decay:   White, brown or yellow stains on the teeth Tooth and gum pain Accumulation of microorganisms around the gum   If you notice these signs of early tooth decay in your child, visit a nearest dental clinic in Hyderabad to for dentist check-up. Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay   Reduce intake of sugary liquids other than breast milk. Do not coat pacifiers with sweetened liquids. Keep a standby bottle of water to be given after the child finishes milk. Avoid common use of licking pacifiers and feeding spoons. No saliva contact should take place. After the child finishes her bottle, wipe her teeth and gum gently with a clean, wet cloth. Once the child’s teeth come out, make him/her brush using a child-sized toothbrush. Teach your child good oral habits right from an early age.   It’s a Wrap!   Tooth decay both in adults and children can be prevented if proper oral care is taken. Nobody is saying to stop feeding bottles to babies. However, ensuring that your baby doesn’t consume too many sugary liquids is what vital. For any further information on dental care, visit India Dental World today!
Is it Necessary to Sanitize your Toothbrush?

Is it Necessary to Sanitize your Toothbrush?

by Dr Sunitha Prasad on 2018-11-10

  In this fast paced and rapid era, dental care is a mandate. In spite of the emergence, it has become increasingly difficult because of scarcity of time. Therefore, following minute steps or procedure could be highly effective to evade colossal dental problems as well as time in the long run. Out of which, the effective measure is to sanitize one’s toothbrush.   As we are all acquainted of this fact that our mouths contain bacteria and so our bathroom does as well, it makes it obvious to wonder whether our toothbrush stays sanitized enough with just a water wash after cleansing our teeth. Toothbrush sanitizing is not synonymous to sterilizing. Sanitation helps in getting rid of almost 99.9 percent of bacteria whereas Sterilization steers to killing of living organisms. Brushing our teeth is quite vital in our day to day life in order to keep and maintain personal oral hygiene and also helping in removal of plaque. Taking or formulating appropriate measures can be quite a considerate for oral hygiene.   In the contemporary  recent years,  scientists have undertaken quite a research and developed with the  conception that toothbrushes engulfs microorganisms that could  result into oral, dental or infection of any kind. We are acquainted of the fact that oral cavity is an umbrella to hundreds of different types of microorganisms, which in a way gets transferred to the toothbrush whilst use. There is also a probability that the microorganisms in the environment would make room for itself on the toothbrush on its own. Toothbrushes may even have bacteria on them right out of the box since they are not required to be sold in a sterile package.   Keeping it Clean   In our day to day schedule we have time for nothing, and that makes it to the negligence of petty issues like washing our toothbrushes properly, which in turn contributes to dental problems. Majority of us simply clean or scrub the head of the toothbrush once after the completion of our brushing process. It would be more fruitful if it could be rinsed in lukewarm water which would help in getting rid of the food debris and leftover toothpaste in the bristles.   Clinically there is no evidence that if a toothbrush is soaked in antibacterial mouthwash would deliver positive results but it won’t disrupt the toothbrush in any sort. The Proper procedure of sanitizing the toothbrush are as follows-keep the toothbrush immersed into the mouthwash and warm water amalgamation, take the brush off the solution after 15 minutes, don’t keep it immersed for long ,otherwise  would result in destructing the bristles, don’t reuse the amalgamated solution, it defeats the cleansing or the sanitizing process.   Possible Dental Infections Leading to health Hazards   Gum disease (periodontal) and health complications share a strong alliance and result into hazardous diseases and health complications such as stroke heart disease etc. Gum disease also effects women in terms of pre-term, low birth weight babies   Researches show that 90 percent of diseases and health hazards (disease comprising several organs of the body) are likely to have oral manifestations which exude swollen gums, mouth ulcers, dry mouth and excessive gum problems. Swollen gums, mouth ulcers, such diseases include: Diabetes, Leukemia, Oral Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease.    The dentist may be the savior so that proper diagnosis can be conducted from the roots in its infant stages.  Routine visit to a dentist can contribute to keeping one’s smile attractive. –This would also enable them to foretell a lot more about one’s health which inculcate whether or not one may develop a disease like Diabetes in the near future.   Research has proven results that our mouth acts like a mirror ,in which the condition of our body reflects .For instance, a healthy mouth pockets a good chance of good health overall. On the contrary, poor oral health mushrooms a plethora of health problems.  Good oral health may keep one from diseases to occur.   Is sanitizing one’s toothbrush a mandate or a choice?   Recommendations   According to dentists, a toothbrush does not require market products.  The growth and abundance of bacteria requires dark, warm and humid atmospherical conditions. Veiling toothbrush in a closed area could invite problems. One should always  keep the  toothbrush  dry airy and uprooted in a holder that can support it to make it stand  without coming in contact with  the bristles or other toothbrushes. In every 3 to 4 months toothbrush should be replaced. Sharing toothbrushes also contribute to the problem at a massive scale.   Some Exceptions   If any of our family has fallen onto any infection hazard or has been severely affected because of contagious agent, following some preventive measures could help providing an alibi. Substituting toothbrushes in every 3-4 months, purchasing expendable toothbrushes and employing antibacterial mouthwash for rinsing and soaking could be quite a benefit. If one took to a UV toothbrush sanitizer, the product contain an approval by the Food and Drug is too to be noted and configured into our brains that a UV sanitizer will not result in maximum removal of germs. Another flaw in usage of UV sanitizer is that the ultraviolet light may destruct the bristles, in that case one should inspect and replace toothbrushes more often.   Constant exposure of human body to harmful microbes is hazardous.. Thus Human body is entitled to defend itself against infections through passive and active mechanism power.  Intact skin and mucous membranes plays significant role in creating a passive barrier to bacteria and other organisms. The barriers when challenged or breached, active mechanisms such as enzymes, digestive acids, tears, white blood cells and antibodies plays the role of active soldiers to protect the body from disease.

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