Clear Frames for Partials
# Rock Dental Lab

Clear frames are a wish come true... and that is no exaggeration. Doctors and patients, AND laboratories have been waiting for a product that is metal-free, color stable, can be added-to, adjusted, relined, and looks great! This is indeed a wish come true.

Clear frames are made from 99.9% surgical grade crystalline co-polymer. It is more rigid and retentive than its nylon counterparts; can be added to if the patient looses a tooth; includes pink acrylic for relines and repairs; and even allows rest seats (larger than conventional rest seats).

All ROE partial prosthetics are fabricated using CAD/CAM technology, which means an accurate result chairside. Digital blockout, survey and design assistance, and working directly on the master casts, rather than a duplicate model, are just a few of the benefits you receive.

You'll also benefit from it's strength, density, non allergenic properties, and permits the patient's natural tissue to show through.

With all these advantages, why not choose this wonderful material on your next case?