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5 Myths About Dental Implants


Dental Implants- The most natural and stable method of replacing your missing teeth. Implants are the future of dentistry that adopts cutting edge technology and offers much better solution to the patient as teeth replaced with dental implants look more natural, strong and function very much similar to natural teeth.


But there have been many misconception or myths that surround this dental procedure. You can look out for authentic information about dental implants at a dental health community portal that helps you in knowing the dental procedures as well as searching the right dentist for your procedure.


Dental Implants are painful

Dental implants are placed into the jawbone in the position of missing teeth. Implant placement procedure is very precise and will be performed using special equipment designed for the procedure. It will be done under anesthesia and is less painful than tooth removal. A skilled dental surgeon can place an implant can into the bone with 15-20 minutes. The patient will be prescribed with painkillers for couple of days and the patient can get back to his/her routine in 1-2 days.


Dental implants are expensive

Dental implants are fixed into the jawbone and are planned to last lifetime. On the outset, they might sound expensive. The other tooth replacement option- dental bridges demand drilling of adjacent healthy teeth exposing them to risks like dental decay, tooth sensitivity, tooth loss leading to fabrication of new longer bridge 15-20 years down the line. Compared to the dental bridge, well healed dental implant can serve the patient for lifetime. It is more stable, comfortable, cosmetically pleasing and preserves surrounding bone.


Dental implant is a metal and cause allergic reactions

Dental implants are made up of Titanium alloys and Titanium is highly compatible with human bone. If left undisturbed after placement of the implant, bone can grow around, thus making the implant well fused with the surrounding bone. After this healing, tooth can be fixed and the implant would be ready to serve you for lifetime


Dental implants are noticeable

Teeth that are replaced using dental implants seem to emerge from gum, thus making them look more natural unlike as in dental bridges or dentures.


Dental implants demand higher maintenance

Dental implant supported teeth need to be cared very similar to natural teeth. Proper brushing and flossing procedures should be followed for long life of implant replaced teeth


Thus a skilled dental surgeon at dental clinic can perform the procedure and your teeth replacement procedure can be as comfortable and easy as possible. For this you can search for dentist in your vicinity who is an implantologist. You can look out for dental clinics in Bangalore  who offer dental implants as treatment option.


Considering the increased demand for implants to replace missing teeth, many dental clinics have been offering this procedure. For this you can search for dentist in your vicinity who is an implantologist. For example you can check out dental clinics in JP Nagar, dental clinics in Jayanagar, Bangalore.


Watch our videos on our YouTube Channel about dental implant as well as teeth replacement options. So, gone are the olden days when people had to struggle with loose dentures finding it difficult to chew food. The fear of denture popping out of the mouth in front of friends always haunted the denture wearers.


Dental Implants offer new hope in having beautiful firm teeth even after losing natural teeth. So go out, enjoy, the olden glorious days are not far away.