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5 After Care Tips for Scaling And Root Planing Treatment


Scaling and Root Planing is an in-depth cleaning procedure used to treat gum diseases. During this non-surgical periodontal therapy, a dentist in Jayanagar or any would perform the process of removing calculus and dental plaque, sticky bacteria that causes gum inflammation.


The entire scaling and root planing treatment happens in two stages. Firstly, during scaling, your dentist removes all the plaque and tartar accumulated below and above the gum line. The cleaning goes down to the pockets that are formed when plaque formation pulls away from your teeth from the gum creating spaces. In the next step, the dentist performs the root planing part by soothing out the root of the teeth to reattach the gum back to the teeth.


What Happens after the Appointment?


Once you are done with your treatment at the nearest dental clinic in Bangalore, you may notice a lot of improvements with regards to your gum health. The patient experiences less redness, inflammation, and reduced pain which they faced before the treatment while brushing, chewing, and flossing. With subsequent dentist visits, the improvement is going to get even better. However, immediately after the process, one may need more treatments, most have the following experiences:


  • The achy or sore sensation on the gum for the coming three days.

  • A little jaw stiffness once the numbness caused by local anesthesia goes off.

  • Slight sensitivity to cold or hot liquids and food after the treatment.

  • There may be minor bleeding during the next brushing sessions.


Steps to Follow After the Scaling and Root Planing Procedure

Rinse with Warm Salt Water


As there can be pain sensation after the treatment, the best remedy to soothe your gum is to rinse it with warm salt water at least thrice a day for a week. It will help to get rid of the debris formed after eating, and also reduce inflammation and redness.

Intake of Soft Foods


Your food after the treatment should consist of foods that are easy to chew and swallow. Avoid hard and small food like nuts, popcorn, chips, seeds, etc.


Avoid Use of Tobacco


At least for the next 72 hours, you must not consume tobacco products and avoid smoking as it may delay the healing process.


Brush and Floss Regularly


It is compulsory to brush and floss on a daily basis. But while doing so remember to use a soft bristled brush, wax-coated floss, and toothpaste made especially for the sensitive tooth.


Don’t Miss Dentist Visit


A timely visit to your dentist is a must when you are undergoing any dental treatment. You must visit a dental clinic in Jayanagar or any other in your area for regular checkups and cleaning post-treatment as necessary. The time taken to cure and witness differences may vary from patient to patient.


Along with professional help, you also need to follow proper home care routines to keep your gum healthy and free from bacteria. For details on gum care and oral hygiene, visit India Dental World today.