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5 Signs that Hints You Need Tooth Extraction Done Immediately


Are you having pain in the teeth for a long time? Do you experience gum bleeding or jaw pain quite often?


These signs are indicative that you must visit your dentist at the earliest. We often ignore such symptoms fearing pain during dental treatment. But trust me dental procedures are painless today. Thanks to advanced technologies and qualified dentists available.


If you witness any of these symptoms in your oral cavity, don’t overlook and hesitate to get professional assistance.

Painful Molars

Also known as the wisdom teeth, molars are bearers of pain. In an adult human, there are twelve molars in four groups of three each. Molars growing at the back of the mouth causes a lot of intolerable pain. Moreover, people with a small oral cavity are impacted the most, having to suffer chronic pain in the jaw. Hence, if you are one of those experiencing such oral problem due to the growing molar teeth, you must visit the nearby dental clinic at the earliest and get the treatment done. For instance, you are living in JP Nagar, Bangalore; then you can visit the dental clinic in JP Nagar to get a consultation with the experts.

Fractured Tooth

Dental problems don’t always occur on their own. For instance, in case of an accident, injury to your oral cavity may lead to fractured teeth. This may require immediate removal of the teeth to give the patient relief from the pain. Moreover, in such scenarios, there are chances of developing an infection if not treated on time.


We recommended you to visit an experienced dentist in JP Nagar or any other area in Bangalore for the right treatment.

Gum Diseases

Patients suffer from severe gum problems which need urgent attention. However, they often ignore such dental problems at the early stage. When the issue reaches its final stage that is when people are compelled to visit the dental clinic. Therefore, if you feel such pain in the gum or witness gum bleeding, you must rush to the dentist to receive proper treatment. 

Jaw Pain

One of the common symptoms that indicate you need tooth extraction is the pain in the jaw while chewing food. It happens due to rubbing of any deformed teeth against the surface. Hence, to eliminate the pain one must remove the tooth that’s troubling.

Decayed Tooth

Taking care of your teeth right from an early age is very necessary. Otherwise, this may lead to severe oral diseases in the later years. Not brushing the teeth properly or avoiding dental check-ups may lay the breeding ground for bacteria causing teeth infection. It will eventually lead to decay in the teeth which has to be removed to prevent pain in the gum tissue of the patient.

What to do if you need tooth extraction?

Patients suffering from a toothache must visit India Dental World website where they can get a complete list of expert dentists and dental clinics in and around their locality. For example, you can search for a dentist in Bangalore and can check from the list of all the dentists available in the area. Once you decide whom to visit, go ahead to book an appointment. Your dentist will guide you through the extraction procedure in detail.