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Sterilization In A Dental Clinic


Spread of infection is a great threat at the health centers. Dental clinics are no exception to this. In order to avoid cross infection, following factors should be strictly adhered to in a dental clinic.


  1. Proper hygiene procedures: Maintaining clean and hygienic environment in the dental clinic with the help of chemical disinfectants

  2. Usage of disposables: This can greatly ensure safety in a dental clinic. Usage of disposables like gloves, mouth masks, syringes, tumblers, head caps, protective eye wears ensures safety from spread of infection in a dental clinic.

  3. Dental chair should be disinfected with chemical disinfectants.

  4. Thorough cleaning of all instruments is a must before sterilisation. Mechanical scrubbing or ultrasonic water baths and cold disinfectants can be used for preparing instruments for sterilization.

  5. Sterilization is the process of rendering an item free of all forms of viable micro-organisms, including spores.

  6. The most efficient and simplest means of sterilizing dental instruments in a dental clinic is steam under pressure (commonly called steam sterilizing or autoclaving). It involves the combination of heat and moisture maintained at the right temperature and pressure for the right length of time to kill micro-organisms.
    Autoclave is the equipment that is advised for sterilization in a dental clinic. The dental instruments may be wrapped in pouches or in cloth and then put for sterilization in the autoclave.

  7. Sterile instruments should be maintained in their pouches or in UV cabinets till they are used for treatment procedures.