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Invisalign or Conventional Braces, What Should You Opt For


Studies have proven that around 40% of the people judge others based on their appearance and the most important aspect observed is the smile of the individual. An individual’s appearance can have a huge impact on how they feel about themselves. This in turn has an impact on their quality of life. This may be particularly true for children and adolescents with crowded teeth who can become targets for teasing, name-calling and harassment from other children.


Crooked teeth lead to other dental health problems like gum disease, cavities, Jaw joint problems with speech issues. But the most common reason to seek orthodontic treatment is Cosmetic improvement of appearance.


Wearing braces to re-align teeth was the only option available a few years ago. Conventional braces use bulky brackets that are fixed over teeth and metal wires are used to align teeth in their desirable position.


Not only it is unattractive but also is uncomfortable and painful. They are also aesthetically not appealing. Thus various methods and materials were designed to improve the quality, duration and comfort of the orthodontic procedure.


Ceramic braces were introduced which used tooth coloured brackets that were less noticeable. But they continued to pose rest of the challenges posed by metallic braces.

Invisalign was one of the breakthrough orthodontic procedure that addressed most of the aesthetic and comfort concerns faced by patients.


“Invisalign clear braces can be a great alternative and scores well against traditional braces any day when it comes to the comfort of the patient” says a dental surgeon from India Dental World.


If you are planning to visit one of the dentists in Bangalore for teeth straightening, here are five reasons why you may go for Invisalign over conventional metal braces


Appearance Matters: When you wear conventional braces, you literally announce to the world that you are getting your teeth straightened. When you talk, smile or eat the first thing that they notice are your metal or ceramic braces. Invisalign is lot more aesthetical.


Comfort: Invisalign uses soft plastic trays instead of conventional brackets. Braces have a tendency of snagging your mouth. They can be uncomfortable and cut or tear the tissues of your tongue, lips, and cheeks. Invisalign’s soft plastic aligners apply less pressure on your teeth than regular dental braces and straighten your teeth with minimal discomfort.

Further, these trays are removable unlike conventional braces. In cases of important meetings, these trays can be removed and can be inserted back immediately after the occasion. This can be a boon for public personalities, professionals.


Lower Number of Visits To The Dentist: Conventional dental braces requires at least one visit per month to the orthodontist. In case of invisalign, the orthodontic trays are delivered to the patient with clear instructions on usage, thus reducing the number of visits to the surgeon. This is highly advantageous to professionals for whom meeting surgeon once in a month can be very difficult


Computerized Treatment Planning: If you visit a good dentist in your locality, you may undergo treatment planning which is fully computerized. The dentists would be able to tell you the exact course of treatment and the total duration it may take. Invisalign may cost a bit more, but at the end, it is worth the cost. 


Oral Hygiene: Cleaning your teeth when you are wearing dental braces is intricate and if you are not able to clean your teeth within 18 months to two years, you may invite other serious oral health issues. Invisalign eliminates this risk too. You can remove plastic trays and brush your teeth without any hassle to ensure your oral hygiene.


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