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Know Your Dental Clinic


For many, dental clinic is a nightmare for innumerable number of reasons.


  • The environment of a dental clinic is new.

  • The equipments and instruments used by the dentist are scary.

  • The sounds of the drilling machine or suction tips very close to ear are quite uncomfortable.

  • Mouth and soft tissues being very sensitive, the idea of somebody doing treatments in the mouth can be fearful.

  • The smell of medicines and disinfectants, metallic taste of instruments or taste of any dental materials can itself be irritating.

  • Lots of misconceptions heard from people might also prevent you from seeking professional support


These reasons are more than sufficient to delay dental treatments for many. But the result is they would end up losing the most important structures of the body; the teeth.

If you are really scared of visiting a dentist in Bangalore or any other cities, then please take very good care of your teeth and other oral tissues. But in spite of all your efforts, there can be some dental issues, may be because of the lifestyle, food habits and other reasons.


So, visiting your dental clinic at least once in 6 months would help in recognising the budding dental problems. Early treatments of these problems would be both time saving at the same time save you from toothache. They are quite inexpensive as well.

But if the problems are serious, immediate visit to a dentist is advisable. May be a better knowledge about dental clinic in Bangalore would help you in shedding dentistry related fears and proceed with the necessary dental care.


Let’s have a look at the dental clinic.

A dental clinic is set up which constitutes several dental equipments, dental materials, instruments.


Dental Chair


The most important, integral part of a dental clinic is the dental chair. Chairs made of different makes are available in different sizes, colours, movements and other operations.

A dental chair is designed for comfortable positioning of the patient and to provide good accessibility and visibility of all oral structures for the dentist. It is connected with a source of light that can be focused over the mouth of the patient and a spittoon for spitting the water.


X ray equipment


X-ray (Radiographs) images are very crucial in establishing the diagnosis. The X-ray film or digital sensor is positioned adjacent to affected tooth/teeth. The x rays are passed from the x-ray source through the tooth and image is received over the film or sensor. The digital sensor is known as RVG-Radiovisiography and instant images can be obtained with this system.


Ultrasonic Scaler


Ultrasonic or sonic scalers are equipments used by the dentist or hygienist to clean your teeth. They operate with ultrasonic or sonic vibrations and remove deposits from the surfaces of teeth. Against the common misconception, they are harmless to the enamel and the procedure is simple.


Light cure equipment


Tooth coloured composite filling materials are most commonly used as filling materials for restoring teeth. Light cure equipment provides the source of light that is needed to harden or cure these filling materials. This light is harmless to the body but care should be taken to prevent it falling directly over the eyes.


Suction system


This unit is useful to suck the liquids from mouth during treatment procedures. The sound of the system can be uncomfortable, but is useful as it provides a dry environment for the surgeon to work in the mouth and is comfortable to the patient as well.


Drills/ Airotar


One of the most important equipment in a dental clinic is the dental drill. It is a tool to prepare defective teeth to receive fillings, caps or bridges. They run at high speed with a water spray. This is quite dreadful for patients, but the dentist will use it with minimal discomfort to the patient. So do not worry about drills and the associated sound. Avoid sudden movements when the surgeon is using the drill. It takes few minutes to complete the procedure if you are co-operative.


This was a brief description of few of the commonly used tools in a dental clinic by the dentist. Be prepared and be co-operative with the dentist for quick and successful completion of the treatment procedure.

Enjoy healthy teeth, beautiful smile and long life.


Now you can search for the best dental clinic which matches the above requirements and book appointment online.