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Secret behind beautiful face


Did you know that your facial beauty is associated with symmetry of structures on either side of your face? Golden proportion as it is referred to, is one of the key factors in making you appear beautiful or handsome!!

Major part of face is made of jaw bones, bones of forehead, eyes, nose and ears. Jaws constitute at least 40% of the facial bone mass and hence is one of the prime determinant of facial beauty. Any irregularity in development of jaws can affect facial attractiveness as in case of jaw or teeth protrusion, or asymmetrical jaw development.


Irregular or asymmetrical jaw development can be due to variety of reasons.

  1. Early loss of milk teeth

  2. Oral habits like tongue thrusting, lip biting

  3. Crowding or lack of space between milk teeth

  4. Over retained milk teeth

  5. Cleft lip and cleft palate

  6. Defective jaw development

Early recognition of these conditions can help orthodontists prevent the above problems and aid in proper and complete development of jaws. Jaws with sufficient space can allow for eruption of permanent teeth in desired position thus avoiding teeth crowding or any other malalignment of permanent teeth.

Thus your child can have charming teeth with well proportionated facial structures which can be his/her permanent asset.


Thus a visit to dentist for your child is crucial at the age of 7- 8 years when few of permanent teeth have erupted. The dental surgeon will be able to

  1. Understand your child’s teeth eruption pattern,

  2. Diagnose any interferences in overall development of face and jaws

  3. Intervene into any kind of oral habits that can be affect eruption of teeth in proper position

If required orthodontist would suggest for two phase orthodontic treatment for your child.


The first phase includes

  1. Diagnosing, interfering and treating any kind of developing teeth malalignment problem. Thus the surgeon might advise few simple orthodontic appliances to be worn by the child. These appliances prevent the factors that hinder growth of jaws and also aid jaw growth in preferred direction.

  2. The first phase also includes removal of selective milk teeth to allow for eruption of permanent teeth in desired position.

  3. The effect of detrimental oral habits like lip biting, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, mouth breathing are also minimized during this treatment phase.


Second phase of orthodontic treatment is initiated after a resting phase when all permanent teeth are allowed to erupt. This is for correcting minor teeth malalignment problems. Since most of the problems have been addressed during developmental stage of face, this phase focuses on giving the final touch to your child’s teeth alignment. So your child might require fixed braces which help in fine tuning the teeth alignment making the smile look gorgeous.

Thus a child who has got his jaw and teeth development challenges addressed at growing period can have well developed, symmetrical jaws which can accommodate permanent teeth without crowding or protrusion and can lead to the development of symmetric and beautiful face.

A well-developed face also has healthy nasal structure which is crucial for proper breathing and lesser of upper respiratory tract issues.

Hence, an early visit of your child to dentist and to the orthodontist can be the greatest gift to your loved ones