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Ten quick and important facts on tooth decay


Important facts about Tooth Decay


1.Tooth decay- The second most common disease people suffer with across globe. But still is the least addressed health issue.


2. Children are born with mouth free of cavity forming microorganisms but they are transmitted from their mothers or caretakers. This can happen during childbirth, during nursing or feeding food to the baby.


3. Cause-Tooth decay is initiated from the acid produced when microorganisms attack on food deposits accumulated between teeth. This acid initially roughens the enamel surface, then creates small holes. This is the initial stage of development of a cavity or tooth decay. Early stages of Tooth decay can be reversed with proper dental hygiene!!


4. These cavities tend to accumulate food debris and act as the reservoirs of microorganisms. The tooth structure deep inside gets destroyed within these cavities. Gradually this leads to infected pulp tissues and tooth ache.


5. Sensitivity-Tooth decay never hurts initially. Enamel, the outer layer of tooth does not have any nerve supply. Pain is apparent when the cavity spreads to the second layer of tooth - The dentin. The dentin has tubules that carry the pain sensation.


6.Solution-Earlier the treatment for tooth decay, better and long lasting will be the result. Tooth fillings with tooth colored composite material, cements or silver can get your decayed teeth back into action for several more years.


7. Infection and pain- Tooth gets infected when the decay and microorganisms spread to inner layers and affect pulp of the tooth. The tooth gets painful, can still be treated and pain can be relieved.  Teeth with advanced tooth decay or infected teeth require Root Canal Treatment to clear the infection and to relieve pain. 


8.Pain-Pus accumulation around root tips of infected teeth causes severe pain. Pain at night-Pressure from pus on nerves around tooth roots from the pus increases when you lie down. Hence tooth ache is severe at night.Root canal treatment and tooth crown can make your teeth look and function completely normal. About 2-4 appointments are required for completion of the procedure

Early stages of Tooth decay can be reversed with proper dental hygiene!!


9. Prevention-Tooth decay is preventable. Fluoridated toothpastes, regular oral hygiene, proper brushing technique, flossing, dental sealants, reduced frequency of food consumption can make your 32 teeth be happy with you for lifetime


10.How to care for your 32 pearls-Avoid smoking, using tobacco in any form, intake of acidic food or beverages, opening bottles with teeth, close contact sports without mouth guard, excessive force application of force while brushing for your teeth to look bright and to be healthy.