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Avulsed Tooth: Causes And Ways To Deal With It


Tooth avulsion is an emergency dental situation that needs faster treatment. Besides being painful, an avulsed tooth can be aesthetically unpleasing. Owing to a traumatic experience, when the teeth get completely displaced from the socket, the phenomenon is known as avulsion. According to studies and research, storing an avulsed teeth in an ideal media that resembles the original socket environment can felicitate replantation. If the structure is intact, a dentist can re-insert the broken teeth back into the mouth within 15 minutes to one hour.


If you want to avoid any future scenarios where a knocked-out tooth can trouble your oral health, you need to know its causes. Knowing the dental problem prior can help you adopt preventive measures to deal with the situation. Often our ignorance and lack of knowledge create more trouble for us. To avoid dental pain from avulsion, have a detailed look at its reasons for occurrence and treatment procedure.


Causes of Dental Avulsion


Factors such as accident, sports injury or high collision, etc. are the common causes of dental avulsion. A severe and sudden trauma caused to the mouth and the face from such incidents may knock out your teeth entirely from the socket. However, if taken to dental clinic on time, dentists can help replant it back to its original position.


Treatment Procedure


In case of teeth avulsion, it is always advisable to visit the dentist in Jayanagar or any other area for professional help. However, there are some first aid steps you need to follow to deal with the emergency situation like teeth avulsion. Parents, teachers, and every individual, in general, must know how to address such unexpected injuries. 

If you or a known person have avulsed tooth, here is what you need to do as an immediate response: 


  • Calm the patient and find the tooth

  • Pick the tooth by the crown and do not touch the root while doing so

  • Clean the tooth by holding under running cold water to avoid infection

  • The tooth must be kept in a glass of milk or scientifically designed storage media

  • Rush to the nearest dental clinic in Bangalore or any other city where you live.


Note: The possibility of replanting the avulsed tooth depends on several factors. Firstly, the procedure is possible only when replantation takes place within first 40 minutes of the incident. One should not damage the living periodontal fiber and cells. If immediately replantation is not possible, follow the above steps and rush to the dentist at the earliest. Also, remember that permanent teeth injury is manageable but if its primary teeth then replantation is not possible as it may damage the permanent dental crypt. The entire procedure must take place under dentist supervision.


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Prevention Tips: You can use mouth protectors and guards to avoid tooth avulsion.