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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention Tips


Tooth decay in adults is a well-known fact. However, many parents are not aware that even babies too are subjected to tooth decay due to prolonged exposure to sugary liquid in the form of juice, milk, etc. As a result of their gums being exposed to sweetened liquid in the bottles especially during and before the sleep time, they are prone to cavities causing tooth decay.


You might be thinking that worrying about teeth problems of your infant is too early to start. But remember if you ignore it then it may lead to loss of the baby tooth. And especially during the growing years when the child learns to chew, eat, speak, the absence of teeth can hinder the process. So, it is always advised to take the dental issues of your baby seriously right from the start.


What Causes Tooth Decay in Babies?


There can be several reasons that cause tooth decay in infants. Mostly, the decay occurs in the upper front teeth, but it may also impact the other teeth as well. One of the primary reasons of decay is letting the baby sleep with a bottle filled with sugary liquids. Giving the child a sweet drink at night time or nap time is harmful as during that time flow of saliva decreases. Also, using pacifies dipped in sugary syrup is also a big no.


Moreover, the tooth decay may also take place when the cavity-causing bacteria are passed onto the infant from the mother. If the mother puts the feeding bottle or the spoon into her mouth for checking food temperature, saliva contact may transfer bacteria. Also, the lack of sufficient fluoride in infants may increase the chance of tooth decay.


However, tooth decay in infants is preventable if measures are taken on time. A dentist in Hyderabad or any other area can help you with professional guidance.


Symptoms of Tooth Decay:


  • White, brown or yellow stains on the teeth

  • Tooth and gum pain

  • Accumulation of microorganisms around the gum


If you notice these signs of early tooth decay in your child, visit a nearest dental clinic in Hyderabad to for dentist check-up.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay


  • Reduce intake of sugary liquids other than breast milk.

  • Do not coat pacifiers with sweetened liquids.

  • Keep a standby bottle of water to be given after the child finishes milk.

  • Avoid common use of licking pacifiers and feeding spoons. No saliva contact should take place.

  • After the child finishes her bottle, wipe her teeth and gum gently with a clean, wet cloth.

  • Once the child’s teeth come out, make him/her brush using a child-sized toothbrush.

  • Teach your child good oral habits right from an early age.


It’s a Wrap!


Tooth decay both in adults and children can be prevented if proper oral care is taken. Nobody is saying to stop feeding bottles to babies. However, ensuring that your baby doesn’t consume too many sugary liquids is what vital. For any further information on dental care, visit India Dental World today!