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Color Guide To Tooth Discoloration


Is your tooth turning yellow or brown?


If yes, then you must visit your dentist immediately. There can be multiple reasons for tooth discoloration. However, the most obvious one is poor oral health.


Here is your color guide to find out what are the different types of tooth color stains and their causes.


Yellow Stains


The most common color that you notice on your teeth is yellow. Reasons for your teeth turning yellow can be many. Yellow stains on the teeth can happen due to drinking dark beverages and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, etc. Your smoking habits or chewing of tobacco also causes yellowish stains on the teeth.


Moreover, your poor dental hygiene builds up plaque, making the teeth turn yellow. Also, teeth discoloration can be genetic. If your family members have yellow teeth, you might inherit naturally darker or yellower teeth. Moreover, with aging, you may lose the whiteness of your teeth. As you grow old, the hard and white outer layer called enamel becomes thinner, becoming semi-transparent to reveal the softer inner layer called dentin. 


For example, if you live in JP Nagar and you have observed your teeth becoming yellow, you need to get an appointment at your nearest dental clinic in JP Nagar.


Brown Stains


The advanced stage of yellow teeth is brown teeth. If you keep on consuming tobacco throughout your life, you yellow stained teeth are likely to transform into brown to dark brown. Also, improper cleaning of the teeth causes plaque which eventually gets stained by consumption of drinks and foods, making teeth look brown.


Brown teeth may also cause due to tooth decay called cavity. Hence, when you notice brown spots on your teeth, visit your dentist in Bangalore or any other city in India to get immediate treatment.


White Stains


Fluoride is helpful in preventing tooth decay. However, excessive use of it may lead to white spots on the teeth. Intake of an inordinate amount of fluoridated water and toothpaste may cause enamel discoloration. Also, nutritional deficiencies, premature births, medicinal side effects, high fever, etc. are some other causes of white stains on your teeth.


Tooth discoloration is typical in children or adults with braces. Inadequate cleaning habits cause plaque formation in their teeth which leads to demineralization of tooth enamel. 


Bluish Grey Stains


The consumption of certain antibiotics like Tetracycline causes tooth discoloration. Most commonly it turns the teeth yellow or brown. But it can also turn grey-blue or greyish in some cases. Furthermore, previous tooth repair works such as silver fillings may cause grey stains on your teeth.


Dental Treatments to Whiten Stained Teeth 


Depending on the level and kind of discoloration, a dentist in JP Nagar or any other area may suggest you the following treatments:


  • Veneers

  • Bondings

  • In-office whitening

  • In-home whitening

  • Over-the-counter whitening agents

  • Use of in-home whitening agents bought from the dentist


To know more about oral hygiene, different dental treatments plans and book dentist appointment, visit India Dental World before it’s too late.