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Is Cracked Tooth Giving you Sleepless Nights? – Here is What You Need to Do


Have you noticed enamel cracks?


Though they are hard to detect, they can lead to tooth loss. There can be many reasons for the appearance of small cracks on the hardest outer layer of the teeth called enamel. It can be either because of chewing any hard solid, biting a candy, falling from a height or for getting hit in the face during any sports or game. A cracked tooth cannot be detected easily and the very moment you can discover one, rush to your dentist before it takes a bad shape.


On seeing a tooth fracture, you might feel amazed thinking how did it happen. It’s not necessary that it will alert you before the arrival. Teeth fracture happens because of cracked tooth syndrome which occurs in three stages. In the first stage, tiny cracks referred to as craze lines starts developing in the enamel. And over time if not treated, these lines deepen into big ones affecting the dentin in the second stage. Finally, at the third stage, your teeth fracture is evident, and it may reach up to the root level. With exposed pulp at this stage, you are more likely to lose your teeth. The early you notice these craze lines, the longer will your teeth survive.


Cracks in your teeth can appear in different ways:

  • Fractured cusp occurring around a dental filling

  • Cracks extending into the gum line

  • Breaks that separate teeth into two segments, extending below the gum line

  • Cracks beginning from below the gum line and moving upward


Why cracks in the teeth occur?

  • Large fillings

  • Blow to the mouth due to an accident or fall or injury

  • Chewing ice, nuts, and other hard food items

  • Drinking too hot or too cold drinks

  • Aging


What are the symptoms that one may notice?


Not always you will find symptoms that will indicate you about the teeth fracture. But when it does, here are some of the common symptoms:


  • Oversensitivity to cold, heat or sweetness

  • Gum swelling especially around the affected teeth

  • Pain while chewing or biting food

  • Sudden pain sensations at intervals


When you notice these signs of cracked teeth, you must not delay in visiting your nearest dental clinics to get consultation from the dental professionals. For e.g., you are living n Pune, then you can search for the best dental clinic in Pune and can book an appointment online with the dentists.


Treatment for Cracked Teeth


The treatment of your teeth cracks will depend entirely on the crack size, condition, and other related factors. Usually, a dentist performs the following procedures based on what treatment you need: bonding, dental crown, root canal, and if required does teeth extraction.


However, it is difficult to detect craze lines with x-rays as they are too small initially. Hence, dentists use other methods such as asking the patient to bite a rubber pad, use fiber-optic lighting, an instrument called explorer, etc.


Once detected, you need to take professional help to treat teeth crack. However, at home, you can take preventive measures from the beginning to avoid any such occurrences at first place. If you already have broken teeth, then visit India Dental World website to book appointment with dentist in Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore or any other city or nearby locality before it’s too late.