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Do Teeth Whitening Have Side Effects?


Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile?


We all do, right? 


However, our unhealthy eating habits, intake of tobacco products and improper oral care turns our naturally white teeth into yellow. A stained tooth is not at all pleasant to look at. We all want a perfect smile that will help us leave a good impression on others.


Earlier teeth bleaching was widespread among the people who want a shiny and white tooth. However, it had its drawbacks. But soon, the method was replaced by teeth whitening technology in which a 30-minute procedure can solve your problem. The dentist in Chennai or any area you visit will apply a gel on the teeth and in half an hour, you will get back you white teeth. With further advancements in the treatment, even laser teeth whitening technologies are also available.


Why White Teeth Turns Yellow?


Enamel, the hard outer cover of the teeth, gives white color to your teeth. From birth, as your teeth get exposed to harmful substances present in food and drink you intake, your teeth become vulnerable to its adverse effects. As a result, you start losing the brighter sheen of the teeth. 


Here are some reasons why your teeth turn yellow or incur stains:


  • Excessive drinking of hard drinks such as soda, cold drinks, coffee, etc.

  • Consumption of tobacco that contains toxic tar

  • Poor oral hygiene habits

  • Intake of excessive fluoride during childhood days, causing intrinsic stains inside the teeth

  • Teeth damage caused by accident or sudden trauma

  • Consumption of tetracycline antibiotics by kids at the age of 8 or younger

  • Also, genetic might play a role in tooth discoloration in a few cases


Are there Any Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?  


To whiten the stained teeth, people may either visit a dental clinic in Chennai or may use various whitening products available in the market. In both the cases, most of the patients did not face any difficulty due to the treatment. However, few patients may have experienced some problems after undergoing teeth whitening. Hence, it is always advisable to consult a dentist and get the treatment only under professional guidance and supervision.


However, one may notice irritation in the soft tissue during the process. This happens when the whitening solution comes in contact with your gum, causing irritation, inflammation and color change. But there is nothing to panic as it stays only for a short time.


Also, if you whiten your teeth often, the chances of it becoming gray or translucent are too high. Moreover, if you have caps, crowns, fillings or veneers done, then teeth whitening might not work the way you expect.


Remember that not all the products and treatments are suitable for all. Your dentist may guide you with the best teeth whitening options ideal for your teeth. 


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