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Tooth Extraction: Do’s and Don’ts for a Faster Healing


You may need to say goodbye to your tooth because of many reasons. A sudden accidental injury or a teeth damage beyond limits may compel you to extract the tooth from its socket. The moment you find pain, redness, and other troubling symptoms, rush to the dentist in Bangalore or the city where you live for consultation and treatment.


If you tooth condition is too severe, the dentist may advise you to get it removed to prevent further pain and discomfort. The first 24 hours after you undergo a tooth extraction procedure is crucial. There are specific after-care instructions which you need to follow to heal faster.


Here are the things you should do and should not do which you must strictly follow post tooth extraction.


What should you do after the Procedure?


  • Firstly, follow what your dentist says. Take painkillers in exact dosage and on time as prescribed by your dentist.

  • Secondly, take complete rest for the next 24 hours after the tooth extraction. Also, use an elevated pillow to keep your head high while resting.

  • Thirdly, you not try to remove the gauze pad. In case of excess bleeding, you can change the gauze without impacting the extraction area.

  • Fourthly, to keep down swelling of the affected area, apply an ice pack or cold towel and let it stay for 10-20 minutes. If you follow this procedure within 24 hours of extraction, it will be beneficial.

  • Next, remember to drink lots of water and chew your food using the side of your mouth opposite to the tooth extraction site.

  • Eat liquid and soft food items only such as yogurt, mashed potatoes, smoothies, milkshakes, etc.

  • Also, make a note to wash your mouth with salt water after 12 hours of the procedure as it helps to prevent infection.


What should you not do after the procedure?


  • You should not smoke or consume any tobacco product at least for the 24 hours immediately after tooth extraction.

  • Do not consume any alcohol while you are under medication after the removal of your tooth.

  • Avoid intake of any solid food, hot drinks, spicy food, soda water, etc. for the next 3-4 days as it may affect the extraction site.

  • You should not take aspirin as it causes a delay in the formation of blood clot, slowing down your healing process.

  • Refrain from activities such as blowing, sucking, spitting, etc. as it may disturb the clot and lead to bleeding.

  • It is advisable to avoid brushing the affected area as the use of toothpaste may dislodge the blood clot.


Initially, after the dental procedure, you may expect swelling, residual bleeding and light pain in the affected area. However, if you observe symptoms like vomiting, fever, chest pain, etc. then visit your nearest dental clinic in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune or any other city or locality.


If you are planning to get tooth extraction, you can check all the necessary details on India Dental World website. You can also book the dentist appointment there.