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Gum Disease: Causes, Symptoms And Its Cure For A Healthy Gum


Ignorance and lack of hygiene make our body the breeding ground for many diseases. Oral health is one of the vital areas which when not taken care of leads to serious dental problems. Poor brushing and flossing habits in an adult cause gum disease which may become severe if not treated timely. That is why dentists advices all the patients and their families to take preventive measures for healthy teeth and gum.


In most of the cases, gum disease doesn’t come with prior warning signs and if it does our lack of knowledge prevents us from detecting its existence. Let’s have an insight into the causes, symptoms and cure procedures that can increase the longevity of your teeth.       


Dentists say that gum disease is a result of poor dental hygiene. Gingivitis is the early stage of bacterial infection of the tissues that surround and supports teeth. When people don’t follow their regular oral habits, the bacterial formation takes dangerous form leading to redness and bleeding of the gum. If you don't treat gingivitis on time, the condition advances to the next stage referred to as periodontitis causing early fall of teeth, loss of bone and the tissue.


Along with lack of proper oral care, other factors also contribute towards increasing your chances of having gum disease which includes: alcohol consumption, smoking or chewing tobacco, AIDS, genetic disorders, diabetes, poor diet, cancer, hormonal changes, etc.


If you observe the following symptoms, then we suggest you visit your nearby dentist for treatment immediately. The sooner you visit a dental clinic, the faster the dentists can treat your dental problem. The symptoms include:


  • Red, swollen and bleeding gums

  • Bad breathe that doesn’t go

  • Loose and sensitive teeth

  • The sensation of pain while chewing


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Gum disease is the result of you ignoring the importance of keeping your mouth clean and hygienic. That is why you end up having different oral problems which when not treated may become harmful. Hence, to avoid the painful nights and troublesome oral diseases, it is recommended that you follow these helpful tips for a healthy smile:


  • Brush twice a day

  • Keep your teeth and gum clean

  • Eat healthy food

  • Reduce intake of sugar

  • Avoid drinking and smoking

  • Floss properly to eliminate plague formation

  • Go for dental check-ups at least once in a month


Having good oral health is significant for your overall well-being. Dentists say that if you don’t keep your oral part in healthy condition, you are likely to invite other diseases that may affect your body as a whole. Gum disease may lead to health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and other issues.


But wait, don’t get panicked. Everything has a cure, and so does gum disease. With professional help, you can prevent oral diseases and stay fit. To get in touch with your nearby dentists and dental clinics and remain informed about oral hygiene measures, you can visit India dental world website anytime. Choose the best dental clinic in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore or any other localities or cities from the list and get a healthy smile.