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Holiday Season is Here: 7 Oral Tips for a Healthy and Bright Smile


The month of festivities and celebration is knocking at the door. With delicacies pouring in, our teeth and gums are subjected to the oral cavity and other dental problems. Moreover, improper sleep, intake of junk food, poor eating habits and reckless lifestyle during holidays take a toll on our overall health as well.


However, there are ways through which you can still enjoy your holiday without compromising your oral health. If proper care is not taken, you may have to rush to your Dentist in Jayanagar for immediate help. So follow these dental tips to protect your smile and maintain oral health:


Don’t Forget Your Daily Oral Care


Remember you are on holiday, not your teeth. The daily activities of life have to be followed even during the holiday season. So, don’t forget your daily oral care schedule. Make sure you brush and floss daily twice a day and wash your mouth after every food intake.


Avoid Hard and Chewy Food Items


Although its holiday and you can eat anything but doing so can be bad for your dental health. So, to stay safer, you must avoid eating chewy items that are sticky and harms your tooth enamel. Also, reduce eating hard food items like nuts, candy, etc. Especially sugary treats are not for your children’s teeth.


Say No to Colored Beverages


Drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, soda, aerated drinks etc. are known for staining teeth. And during holidays both adults and children tend to consume more of these items. As a result, it damages tooth color and reduces natural teeth brightness. So, drink more of clear water and milk instead.


Stop Consumption of Tobacco


Those who smoke or drink alcohol are more likely to damage their teeth during holidays. As their intake of tobacco filled items increases during celebrations. That is why Dentist in Bangalore or any other area always ask patients to quit smoking to get rid teeth stains.


Eat and Drink Healthy


Drink more water and try to eat a balanced diet to stay fit as a whole. Prevent your child from eating too many sweet items as it will cause teeth cavity. Eat veggies, fruits, and whole grains more.


Don’t Use Teeth as Opener


Often during celebrations, people turn teeth into tools. They use it for opening bottles, snack bags, and other packages. Doing so weakens tooth enamel and causes teeth cracks.


Go to Dentist for Post-holiday Cleaning and Check Up


No matter how many promises you make, there will be those moments when you will miss brushing and flossing during holidays. But, you can still compensate for the gap by visiting the nearest Dental Clinic in Bangalore for cleaning and check-up post the celebration. You can book dentist appointment at IndianDental World website right away!


It’s a Wrap!


It’s normal to go easy when you are on holiday. But even still you can take care of your oral health by keeping in mind these simple tips. After all, a healthy smile is what no one can compromise.