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How Chemotherapy Affects Your Dental Health and Ways to Prevent It


Patients undergoing cancer treatment may have dental problems at some point. It is quite obvious as during chemotherapy patients are exposed to drugs that help kill cancer cells. In addition, the process also weakens the immune system of the patient making him susceptible to serious infections. Also, exposure to radiation damages salivary glands in the head and neck area causing dry mouth which eventually leads to tooth decay and other oral problems.


However, these drugs also pose a threat to normal cells because of which your mouth cells may also get severely impacted. Hence, to prevent any discrepancies later, it is always advised that the cancer patient have a thorough dental checkup by his dentist in Pune or any other before going ahead with the treatment.


Chemotherapy has side effects, and the impact it may cause also varies from patient to patient depending on their oral health condition and response to treatment. Although not all side effects can be prevented but at least with proper professional guidance and individual awareness cancer patients can avoid a few.


Side effects of Chemotherapy on Dental Health


  • Pain in the gums and teeth

  • Excessive mouth dryness

  • Swelling and burning sensation in the tongue

  • Cause infection

  • Change in taste buds


Steps to Follow to Keep Mouth Healthy During Cancer Treatment


  • Drink lots of water, suck ice, use sugar-free candy and a saliva substitute to keep your mouth moist.

  • Use an extra soft toothbrush to brush your teeth, gums, and tongue after every meal and before sleep.

  • Only use fluoride toothpaste

  • Avoid using mouthwash which has alcohol

  • Rinse and floss your mouth regularly along with brushing

  • Eat foods that are easy to eat, swallow, and chew

  • Sip more liquids with your meal to make eating easier

  • Consume more of moist food like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, etc.

  • It is a must to visit any nearest dental clinic in Pune or any other area for consultation before the treatment starts.


Things Cancer Patients Must Avoid


  • Do not eat crunchy, sharp, and hard food items like nuts, chips, as it may cut your mouth area.

  • Avoid eating spicy, hot and citrus food like lemon, coffee, juices and so.

  • Say no to sugary foods such as chocolate, candy, soda, and any dessert as it may cause a cavity.

  • Stop using toothpicks   

  • Completely stop intake of tobacco products and alcoholic drinks.


When to Visit the Dentist?


The moment your cancer specialist says that they are going to start your treatment; you must rush to your dentist immediately. At least before two weeks, you must see your dentist who will do complete diagnosis and advice you with what to do and what not. This is the only way you can save your oral health from the aftermaths of cancer treatment.


For any further details about oral well-being and to book the dentist appointment right, you can visit India Dental World website today! Remember healthy mouth is your road to a beautiful smile.