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How Smoking Impacts Oral Health? – Effects and Prevention Tips for Smokers


Smoking adversely affects the health of the smoker. From breathing problems to other cardiac-pulmonary organ disorders, the intake of tobacco as we all know is injurious to health. Their chance to develop life challenging diseases increases leading to cancer in mouth, lung, and throat. Apart from overall health hazards, smoking is the reason behind severe dental problems in smokers. Not only does it damages teeth but also leads to severe gum problems.


Cigarettes contain tobacco which damages the oral health. The smoker experiences discoloration of teeth, bad breathe, weak jaw bones, decreased immunity, loss of taste, etc. as side effects of smoking. Smokers are four times more prone to gum disease or periodontal disease than non-smokers.


Although willpower is vital to quit smoking, a dentist’s role in dental cession is very crucial.  With professional guidance and a timely assist, your dentist in Jayanagar can help you say goodbye to the unhealthy habit of smoking.


How Smoking Affects Your Teeth?

One out of three smokers has dental problems. And the reason for that is obviously the intake of tobacco rich cigarettes and other products. Due to being exposed to unnecessary, harmful chemicals in cigarettes, smokers witness the following teeth problems:


  • Teeth turning yellow or brown in color

  • Staining of the teeth

  • Gums start bleeding

  • Inflammation of the salivary glands

  • Affects bone and gum tissues of the teeth

  • Damages tooth enamel

  • Causes tooth loss and tooth decay

  • Leads to formation of tartar and plaque, damaging tooth appearance

  • Dry mouth and foul smell


What are the Effects of Smoking on Your Gums?

Smoking is a big no for oral health. Not only does it hamper your teeth but also causes serious gum problems. Consumption of tobacco be it in the form of cigarettes or chewing, causes gum infection leading to bleeding. Smokers may have noticed the following symptoms in their gum:


  • Gums becoming red and extra sensitive

  • Bleeding while brushing teeth or floss

  • Pain while eating or chewing

  • Declining gum line


As soon as you notice these signs, rush to the dental clinic in Jayanagar or nearby for a checkup. These symptoms are an indication of a future periodontal disease that needs attention before it becomes hazardous.


Prevention Tips for Smokers

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene.

  • Brush, floss, and clean your mouth regularly

  • Use anti-microbial mouthwash

  • Avoid intake of tobacco products

  • Visit the dentist for professional cleaning of the mouth

  • Use toothpaste made for smokers

  • And most importantly quit smoking as this is the best thing to do if you want to stay healthy.


E-cigarettes and Nicotine Gum–Alternatives to smoking tobacco

It is tough for a smoker to refrain from smoking entirely at a go. More than a choice it becomes a habit. Thanks to scientific advancements, they now have some replacement of tobacco in the form of E-cigarettes and nicotine gum that helps in smoking cessation.


If you need dentists to help you quit smoking, then visit India Dental World to book appointment of nearby dentists.