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How The Use Of Articulators Simplifies Dental Restoration Process?


If you are a dentist, you must very well know what role articulators play in the field of restorative dentistry. Articulators are a mechanical device that dentists use during diagnostic and treatment planning. The device is widely used in dentistry and consists of a fixed cast of maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) teeth. It helps in reproducing the jaw movement based on which dentists plan the restorative process.


Dentist in Jayanagar or anywhere in the world use articulators to estimate the possible implication when restoration procedures like bridges, crown, dentures, and orthodontic appliances are inserted into the teeth. The movement of the teeth can be recorded from various angles including condylar, Bennett-side, incisal and more using the articulators.


Types of Articulators:


Semi-adjustable articulator – As the name suggests, it is adjustable partially in one or more areas.

Fully Adjustable Articulator – It is completely adjustable and capable of reproducing more than one movement including extrusive and protrusive movements.

Anatomical articulator – It helps the dentists to create lower jaw movement that the patient experiences during his normal chewing.

Adjustable articulator – This articulator helps create many position and movements of the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw.

Disposable articulators – There are two types of disposable articulators –

Stone base - The model of patient’s lower and upper jaw mounted on a stone base are articulated using the articulator. It requires making two pours using a rubber mold.

Single-pour – The operator casts the jaw impression directly on a plastic base. There is no need of separate pours like stone base.


Different Uses of Articulators in Dentistry


Articulators have many uses. Apart from the common classroom use in dental schools, articulators are a dentist's one of the helpful tools. Here are some of its applications:


  • It helps to plan dental procedures involving contours and positions of natural and artificial teeth.

  • It supports in the fabrication of teeth restoration and loss of dental parts.

  • Enables dentists to modify and make changes.

  • It is used to teach jaw movements to dental students.

  • It can hold opposing casts in a particular direction.


Why should Dentists Use Articulators?


An increasing number of dental clinic in Jayanagar and other cities are using articulators to explore the many benefits it offers. The following are some of the advantages of this medical device:


  • Using the mounted cast, the operator can find out blockage on the sides of the tongues during restoration treatment planning.

  • Articulators eliminate the difficulty created by supporting tissues or denture bases during complete evaluation of the mouth from all angles.

  • While using Articulator, patient’s cheeks, tongue, and saliva don’t create any problem.

  • It reduces patient visits and treatment duration.


The Final Note


Over the years, digital technologies have completely transformed the dental industry. Today, there are advanced devices and tools available for better precision and improved efficiency. However, still, at many places, dentists continue using traditional articulator system. 


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