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Jaw Pain - Causes, Treatment and Prevention Tips


Most of us at some or the other point goes through the experience of jaw pain. For immediate relief, we end up taking over-the-counter painkillers. However, doing so only addresses the symptom and not the cause, leading to other oral problems.


Various reasons can lead to chronic pain in your jaw. However, finding them is the real challenge for a patient to understand what treatment they must undertake. That is why instead of quick relief they must seek professional help to eliminate the cause. With timely diagnosis and proper oral care, one can get rid of the pain forever.


Your dentist in Rajajinagar or any nearby area can help you with a thorough examination and diagnosis to suggest the best treatment plan for faster relief.


What Causes Jaw Pain?


Disorder of Temporomandibular joint and muscle (TMD) that connects lower jaw bone with skull


  • Teeth grinding and clenching during sleep

  • Tooth problems such as cracked teeth, dry sockets, gum cavity, abscesses, etc. 

  •  Accidental injuries resulting in dislocation or breaking of the jaw bone.

  •  Migraine and cluster headache

  •  Pain caused by Trigeminal neuralgia, a painful condition that occurs due to excessive talking and exposure to cold air.

  •  Jaw pain can result due to a heart attack

  •  Infection of air-filled cavities called sinuses leads to the formation of excessive mucus pressuring the jaw joint.


Other causes such as rheumatoid arthritis, stress, sleep disorder, multiple sclerosis, improper diet and rest, lupus, etc. may also cause facial and jaw pain. 


Treatment Plan


The type of treatment may vary depending on the cause of the pain. Hence, it is always advisable to get expert guidance from a dental clinic in Rajajinagar or any other area.

Treatment may include:


  • Surgery

  • Application of steroid injections

  • Root canal treatment and tooth extraction

  • Moist heat or cold therapy

  • Vapo-coolant spray 

  • Use of muscle relaxants or tranquilizers 

  • Intake of pain medication such as antibiotics


Prevention Tips to Avoid Occurrence of Jaw Pain


Follow these steps to prevent the pain from coming back:


  • Don’t eat crunchy food items that are hard, chewy, or crunchy

  • Do yoga, meditation, and other relaxing activities.

  • Avoid intake of food or drinks containing caffeine 

  • Use medical aids such as mouth guard to stop teeth grinding

  • Take more of liquid diet like pasta, soup, etc.

  • Eat in small quantities to avoid wider mouth openings

  • Stop yawning

  • Do not carry heavy luggage on your shoulder for too long

  • Do get a check-up done at least once in every six months


The moment you feel that the pain in your jaw is going beyond your tolerance, rush to the nearest dentist in Bangalore or any other city for immediate treatment. Most of the time, your ignorance may leave underlying problems untreated, inviting severe consequence affecting your oral and overall health. 


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