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Wire Retainers Vs Clear Retainers - Which One Should You Go For?


It’s a kind of relief when your dentists say that you no longer need to wear those tight and ugly looking braces. Once your encounter with them is over, you will have to move to the retainer phase. Wearing retainers is equally important as they help in keeping your teeth in place.


But that is not what concerns you, right?


Your lack of proper knowledge about dental devices may land you up into bizarre thoughts about it. Although the dentist may inform you about retainers and why you need it, still you may find yourself in a confusing state thinking about which retainer type will suit you the best.


There are two widely used retainers in the market which includes invisible or clear retainers and Hawley or wire retainers. To decide on which one to choose, you need to know the following pros and cons and take the final call.



When it comes to the presentation, people prefer clear retainers more than the wire ones. The reason is simple. The stainless steel wire holding your teeth is visible which can end up spoiling your beautiful smile whereas the invisibility feature of clear retainers makes it ideal for use by people who are into the entertainment industry in particular.


If you have any doubt about what will suit you best you can visit any dental clinic in Bangalore or your nearby location and see it yourself and track down the difference by the appearance of wire and clear retainers.

Level of Comfort


Comfort is the primary concern that keeps patients thinking about whether to opt or not to opt for braces. But with retainers, the problem vanishes as unlike braces, retainers are not as uncomfortable for those wearing it to align their teeth after orthodontic treatment.


When you are going for dental retainers, remember that the types of retainers vary, and so their level of comfort. Hawley retainers and clear retainers are the widely used one. They not only differ with regards to the material but also their level of comfort stands poles apart. As wire retainers are of acrylic and wire run through the palate behind your anterior teeth, so they create speech problem initially. On the contrary, invisible or clear retainers have no such problem as there is no plate attached to their placement that may block the teeth movement and make people lisp.

Maintenance and Cleanliness


As clear retainers are of plastic, they are a bit delicate and needs to be carefully cleaned with toothpaste and running water every day after use. Also, the chances of these retainers getting stained are high if not cleaned properly.


On the other hand, wire retainers are very easy to maintain and clean. They comprise stainless steel material which will never stain.


Talking about maintenance, you should know that as clear retainers are custom made to fit your teeth, dentists cannot twist it for adjustment purpose. Also, they are not durable like wire retainers, and so the thin plastic-like material may break due to any pressure.



Those who want a pocket-friendly retainer that will serve their purpose without having to spend much should go for wire retainers as they are the cheapest one available. But if you are ready to go little expensive, then clear retainers is what you can opt.


To know more details about the cost of retainers, you can visit nearby dentists. For instance you are a residence of Jayanagar, Bangalore than India Dental World portal can help you search for the best Dentist in Jayanagar who can provide you consultation along with details of the cost incurred in having these teeth devices for that pretty smile.

How to get the best smile?


We humans are not perfect. But thanks to science and technological advancements that have made our life more comfortable and opened ways to work on our shortcomings. From interconnected devices to developments in the world of medicine, we have come a long way walking on the path of successful endeavors.


Who would not want a beautiful smile that will draw everyone’s attention and turn passers-by into admirers? If you wish to have that charismatic and enchanting smile that will make the world go awe at you, then visit an expert Dentist in Bangalore who can improvise your little teeth imperfections without having to spend a whopping amount.