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X-ray During Pregnancy: Is It Safe Or Not?


There is a lot of apprehensions regarding how safe is having an x-ray done during your pregnancy. A lot of people believe that the radiation may harm the child in the womb and so they cautiously avoid it. But many are not aware that not all types of X-rays are harmful to a pregnant woman. You need to worry only when the reproductive organs come under the direct beam of the X-ray machine. 


For instance, x-ray examinations on the oral area, arms, or legs do not leave an adverse impact as there is no exposure of the uterus in it. If you are living in Hyderabad and need a dental X-ray done, you can visit your dentist in Hyderabad to get professional assistance.


However, x-rays of your abdomen area, stomach, kidneys, lower back, etc. is a big no during pregnancy. This is mainly because in these type of x-rays the exposure of your uterus is high. Hence, the higher radiation you receive, the more is the risk for your baby. Thus, it is mandatory for a pregnant woman to consult the doctor if they feel that they need an x-ray done.


X-ray Figures that You Need to Know


Many of us don’t know the measurements and capacity of radiation the x-ray machine releases. We consider all the types of x-rays to be harmful which is wrong. Radiation of more than five rad is risky. However, most of the x-rays are weaker than this, and that is why there is nothing to worry about it.


Note: Rads are the units used to measure radiation. If your child is exposed to more than ten rads, then he/she can be subject to learning disabilities and eye problems as well.


The amount of radiation is different in different types of X-rays. Here is the list:


Chest X-ray – 60 millirad
CT scan – 800 millirad
Abdominal X-rays – 290 millirad


Furthermore, the American College of Radiology says that a single diagnostic ray does not deliver a significant amount of radiation enough to impact the embryo.


Should You Go Ahead with X-ray During Pregnancy?


The decision to have an x-ray done will depend on whether you need it or not. If there is any medical need to do an X-ray that you cannot avoid, you have to do it. Right? Hence, in such scenario the first thing you must do it consult with your doctor. Medical conditions of every pregnant woman vary. Before undergoing any additional medical treatment during pregnancy, one must let her personal healthcare consultant know about it.


X-rays done in other body parts except the abdominal area will have no adverse effect on your fetus. And so you can proceed with it under medical guidance. For instance, pregnant women living in Hyderabad can visit a dental clinic in Hyderabad for an oral X-ray if they need it. While doing so, they can be sure that their unborn child will not have exposure to harmful radiation from X-rays. For booking an appointment with your dentist, India Dental world is the best place you should visit.