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  975, 1 st floor, next to SBM,6th block
HMT layout,Vidyaranyapura
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Morning : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
10:30 AM-12:00 PM

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About Clinic

Vaishnavi dental clinic was started in the year 2002.The first clinic was at Yelahanka and the second clinic was started at Vidyaranyapura in 2008 May

At Vaishnavi dental clinic, we strive for quality of work and comfort for our patients. Well experienced Consultants of various specializations visit us and we provide all kinds of dental treatments under one roof.

Various facilities at Vaishnavi Dental Clinic:

  1. Sterilization of equipment/Instruments: We follow all the standards in instrument sterilization. Automatic autoclaves ensure complete sterilization of instruments, the sterile instruments are stored in sterile pouches maintained in UV cabinets until they are ready to be used.
  2. Disposable tumblers, gloves, syringes, surgical blades, needles will be used for every patient.
  3. Our Ultrasound scaler system ensure smooth, painless teeth cleaning procedure for our patients. 
  4. Our practice management software helps us to record details of all our patients.  

We are committed to offer quality services to all our patients in and around Vidyaranyapura

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  • Meet our Medical Specialists


    ,DDS , FCPS, MDS

    Specialization: Dental Implantologist


    Specialization : Cosmetic Dentist or Aesthetic Dentist

    Dr Prashanth,MDS

    Specialization : Orthodontist

    We are Offering Reliable Services

    Case Studies
    Case Studies

    Diastema closure
    Patient had wide diastema and one of the central incisors was proclined. Afterelective Single Visit RCT of the incisors PFM crowns were fixed and the patient was very happy with the results.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Diastema-closure Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Diastema-closure

    Smile Rehabilitation1
    This patient had upper left broken canine in an accident and his incisor was placed inside and was not easily visible. He wanted a beautiful smile with tooth replaced and incisor in proper alignment immediately. the treatment got completed in just two visits. within four days he had beautiful loking smile.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Smile-Rehabilitation1 Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Smile-Rehabilitation1

    Crowns to restore broken teeth
    This patient met with an accident and got two of her upper front teeth broken. She was in pain with exposed pulp in both teeth. Single visit RCTs were done for both the teeth and ceramic crowns were fixed over the broken teeth. She got her bright smile back in within four days.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Crowns-to-restore-broken-teeth- Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Crowns-to-restore-broken-teeth-

    Replacement of missing upper front teeth with fixed bridge.
    This lady had lost her upper front teeth and was feeling embarrassed for any kind of social interaction. She got a removable denture to replace missing teeth but found it extremely uncomfortable while chewing and speaking. The denture did not provide optimum aesthetics and was getting loosened while talking. At vaishnavi dental clinic we gave her fixed replacement of missing teeth in just two appointments and she had beautiful looking, firm bridge to replace missing upper front teeth that gave her new confidence to smile and for social interaction
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Replacement-of-missing-upper-front-teeth-with-fixed-bridge. Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Replacement-of-missing-upper-front-teeth-with-fixed-bridge.

    Smile Rehabilitation
    This middle aged lady had forward placed teeth and was unable to close her lips. She had also lost few teeth and wanted to go for teeth replacement. At our clinic, after thorough evaluation RCTs were done for selected teeth, and badly broken down teeth were removed and immediately temporary bridges were given. After the healing period permanent bridges were fabricated that made her upper front teeth straight so that she can easily close her lips and was very happy about her new radiant smile.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Smile-Rehabilitation Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Smile-Rehabilitation

    Fixed- bridge to replace missing lower front teeth.
    This patient had lost her lower front teeth and wanted to get them replaced. Fixed bridge was fabricated and was fixed to replace missing teeth that was firm, natural looking and strong.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Fixed--bridge-to-replace-missing-lower-front-teeth. Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Fixed--bridge-to-replace-missing-lower-front-teeth.

    Smile Rehabilitation
    This patient had lost considerable number of back teeth in both the jaws and his lower front teeth were badly worn out. After detailed study, several treatments including Post and Core, RCTs and bridges patients radiant smile was restored and was very happy with the results.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Smile-Rehabilitation Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Smile-Rehabilitation

    Fixed bridge to replace missing upper back teeth.
    This lady had lost few of her upper back teeth and wanted to get them replaced as the empty spaces between teeth to replace the missing teeth she got radiant smile and beauty of her smile doubled.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Fixed--bridge-to-replace-missing-upper-back-teeth. Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Fixed--bridge-to-replace-missing-upper-back-teeth.

    Implants to replace missing teeth-the best method to replace missing teeth
    This young boy lost his upper front tooth due to sport injury and wanted that tooth to be replaced. We explained him about implant supported tooth replacement thereby the bone can be preserved and the replaced tooth has very good durability and looks more natural as the replaced tooth emerges through the gums. A Nobel Biocare implant was fixed in the region and the deficient bone was grafted thus improving the bone support for the implant and also to improve lip support. After crown fixing the tooth looked absolutely natural and strong.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Implants-to-replace-missing-teeth-the-best-method-to-replace-missing-teeth Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Implants-to-replace-missing-teeth-the-best-method-to-replace-missing-teeth

    Instant orthodontics-Teeth placed forward and inability to close lips
    This lady had upper front teeth projected forward and was unable to close her lips. She was very conscious about this and wanted a solution. After studying position of her teeth,lips and other facial structures treatment plan was established. After intentional RCTs for selected teeth and tooth preparation, ceramic crowns were given to the front teeth and were up righted. Now she smiles with higher amount of confidence with well aligned teeth.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Instant-orthodontics-Teeth-placed-forward-and-inability-to-close-lips- Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Instant-orthodontics-Teeth-placed-forward-and-inability-to-close-lips-

    Restoration of worn out teeth
    This patient of ours had unique wearing out of his upper front teeth. The teeth had got shortened and thinned out. After crowns for these teeth patient got beautiful smile and also got rid of sensitivity in these teeth.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Restoration-of-worn-out-teeth Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Restoration-of-worn-out-teeth

    Restoration of worn out teeth
    This patient had severely worn out lower front teeth and pain as they were infected. After RCT of infected teeth, crowns were given and occlusion established.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Restoration-of-worn-out-teeth Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Restoration-of-worn-out-teeth

    Smile Rehabilitation3
    Patient had lost multiple teeth in the upper arch and wanted fixed teeth.In two appointments we were able to fulfil her requirements.
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Smile-Rehabilitation3 Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Smile-Rehabilitation3

    Zirconium upper front bridge
    The patient had lost upper front teeth in an accident and wanted best aesthetic results. Zirconium bridge was used to replace his multiple missing teeth. Patient was quite happy with the natural appearance and shine of his new fixed teeth
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Zirconium-upper-front-bridge Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Zirconium-upper-front-bridge

    Protruded upper front teeth
    The patient had upper front teeth which were projected forward. She was unhappy with her smile. She was not keen on conventional orthodontic procedure. A cosmetic procedure was taken up and the stunning results are visible in after treatment picture
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Protruded-upper-front-teeth Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Protruded-upper-front-teeth

    Teeth Protrusion

    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Teeth-Protrusion Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Teeth-Protrusion

    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-sdadsjadah Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-sdadsjadah

    Fixed bridge
    Lower archcv
    Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Fixed-bridge Dentist-in-Vidyaranyapura-Bangalore-Vaishnavi-Dental-Clinic-Fixed-bridge


    Treatment Name:ORTHODONTICS

    Treatment Name:IMPLANTS

    Treatment Name:Implants

    Treatment Name:RCT

    Treatment Name:Tooth Restorations (fillings)

    Treatment Name:Crowns (caps)

    Treatment Name:Crown (caps)

    Treatment Name:Crowns (caps)

    Treatment Name:Crowns (caps)

    Treatment Name:Orthodontics

    Treatment Name:Orthodontics

    Treatment Name:Orthodontics

    Treatment Name:Orthodontics

    Treatment Name:Orthodontics

    Treatment Name:Orthodontics

    Treatment Name:Teeth Replacement

    Treatment Name:Teeth Replacement

    Treatment Name:Implant supported dentures

    Treatment Name:Implants

    Treatment Name:Xray imaging

    Treatment Name:Oral Surgery

    Treatment Name:Oral Surgery

    Treatment Name:Post and Core

    Treatment Name:Smile Designing

    Treatment Name:agsdf

    Treatment Name:daf

    Treatment Name:fghj



    1. Autoclave Sterilization
    2. Ultrasonic Scalers
    3. Air Conditioned Waiting Room
    4. Wi-Fi facility
    5. Digital Radiography
    6. Library

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