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Stay Healthy with Healthy Teeth


We all desire to be happy, have better lifestyle and enjoy. Isn’t that a fair expectation from life? All these dreams are practical only if you are healthy. Great health is the result of nutritious, well balanced food, proper exercise, positive thinking and strong relationships.

Food is the basic source of our life force. But the question is; are we consuming the right food that provides all the necessary nutrients to our body? Have the nutrients that we consume been absorbed by the body?


Now you might find this absurd. The food that we consume will definitely get absorbed into the body. Simple. But wait!! The body can absorb the essential proteins and vitamins only of it sent to it in a processed format. And where does this processing of food take place?

In mouth!!


Our mouth is a great structure that simplifies or breaks down the complex food structure into simple absorbable food units with the help of teeth, tongue and saliva and sends them to the digestive system.


This means that without proper chewing of food, your body will not be able to consume whatever balanced food you have to offer. And proper chewing of food is possible only with healthy teeth.

Not just for chewing, teeth also provide a beautiful structure to our face and it is impossible to imagine an awesome face without teeth.


Impact of Dental Health On General Health


Teeth and mouth form an integral part of our body. Most of the diseases in the body will get expressed in the mouth.


Vice versa, diseases of the mouth, teeth affect other vital organs of the body as well.


  • Infected teeth can lead to disease of heart called infective endocarditis. It is the inflammation of susceptible or damaged heart valves by the infective bacteria that have travelled to heart through blood from infected teeth

  • Oral bacteria also might get sucked into the airway and infect the respiratory system leading to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • Studies have proven that gum disease is strongly associated with diabetes.

  • Poor gum health in pregnant women can lead to pre mature delivery, low birth weight of the child

  • Many types of cancers express themselves in the oral cavity and can be detected at an early stage. Thus proper examination of the mouth can detect cancer right in the beginning and  prevent suffering

  • Osteoporosis or generalized bone loss also affects jaw bones and joints. Thus bone loss in jaw bone can be an indicator of osteoporosis

  • Dental diseases have also been linked to degeneration of the brain and nervous system.

  • Many viral diseases exhibit signs in the oral cavity.

  • Immune compromised diseases like HIV can be detected by oral examination


Thus healthy teeth, good quality and quantity of saliva are of paramount importance in leading a long healthy life. But our teeth are constantly exposed to microorganisms, variations in food ph, food and deposit accumulation over and between teeth all of which tend to initiate dental problems. Now how would you protect them from these assaults?

Great oral hygiene habits and dentists play a major role in the wellbeing of your teeth and thus in your general wellbeing.


So just stop. Visit a dentist. Address your dental problems at the earliest.


But searching a dentist could be the most challenging task. It is the most sensitive part of the body and requires skill to offer right dental care. Further, there are different specialties in dentistry and each specialist will be good at offering specific treatment.


The other variables might be proximity and accessibility of the dental clinic to your place as dental procedures sometimes demand multiple visits.


The dental clinic setup has to suit your requirements and interests. They need to offer quality procedures, follow proper sterilization protocol and use standard dental products, equipment

Hence, it is essential for you to know the right dentist and dental clinic for your individual requirements.


Further you also need to understand your existing dental problem, the cause, stage of the dental problem, required dental treatments as well as prevention of further problems.

Thus you need to visit an authentic dental healthcare guide that will offer valuable insights about your dental health. This Oral health education has to be accurate, simple with images and videos that will provide a complete understanding of the existing conditions and treatments required.


Proper care of your dental health is absolutely impossible without proper tools.

Oral care products like toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, tongue cleaners play crucial role in this. Again different individuals have different requirements. Few need soft tooth brush, some may need cavity preventing toothpaste and few others need denture brush. Thus knowing about variety of products from multiple brands and choosing the right ones is very tricky. - A dental health portal can offer you valuable support in these challenges. You can look out for dentists or dental clinics in your locality. You can go through their qualification, contact details. Check the kind of treatments that are offered, watch pictures of their previous cases which give you a glimpse of the skills of the dentist.

Videos of dental clinics offer you information on interiors, quality of service offered.

Thus you are free to choose the suitable dental surgeon for your requirements and book instant online appointment.


Our dental healthcare section further is a valuable tool to further understand the suggestions of your dentist and will prepare you mentally for required dental procedures.


Dental blog section will guide you on the parameters to choose the dental clinic, know various specialties, understand sterilization protocol and lot other aspects related to your oral health

Thus take good care of your teeth and they will take great care of your health.

Look beautiful, enjoy awesome food, travel the world, stay healthy, Live life.